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GUM Travel Toothbrushes - Compact Soft - 2 brushes
4 from 2 reviews
GUM Travel Toothbrushes - Compact Soft - 2 brushes

SKU# 153

The GUM Travel toothbrush is ideal for carrying a toothbrush anywhere the confidence of always being able to freshen breath and remove dental plaque.

The tri-fold design enables the brush head to fold into the handle, which then becomes a cover for clean and convenient storage in a pocket, purse, suitcase or backpack.

The travel toothbrush has multi-level antibacterial bristles to clean deep between teeth and a tongue cleaner to gently remove odor-causing bacteria.

Outside the home toothbrushes do not always have the opportunity to dry after use, so the GUM Travel toothbrush also features a patented antibacterial agent for continuous protection to maintain the hygiene of bristles.

Regular and thorough oral hygiene is as essential when away from home as it is when at home. The GUM Travel toothbrush is designed for easy and compact packing while keeping the toothbrush clean and hygienic.

Includes two travel toothbrushes of assorted color.

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Reviews for GUM Travel Toothbrushes - Compact Soft - 2 brushes

What did people think about this product?

4 out of 5 (based on 2 reviews)

By Connie C. on 02/07/2018
Very compact.

By e. harper on 12/14/2017
Great for traveling plus my kids love it.

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