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GUM Soft-Picks Advanced - 60ct
GUM Soft-Picks Advanced - 60ct

SKU# 650

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced have flexible, comfortable bristles to gently remove plaque, dislodge food, and massage gums.

The flexible synthetic rubber bristles fit easily between most teeth, removing dental plaque where gum disease often starts and brushing alone cannot reach.

The curved design of Soft-Picks Advanced allows the picks to easily reach any area of the mouth, including difficult to reach back teeth for a whole mouth clean.

The longer handle gives an improved grip for comfort and effective control while cleaning. Additionally, the tapered tip makes it ideal for cleaning between both smaller and wider spaces.

Soft-Picks Advanced are easy to use with orthodontics, implants, and bridges. The picks are sealed in packages of two for improved hygiene and on-the-go convenience.

Includes: Soft-Picks Advanced flossers 60ct with on-the-go travel case

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